Friday, April 10, 2015

Wayne State Baseball takes on Grand Valley State Lakers

Grand Valley State Lakers catchers Dakota Prince (center) and John Mclaughin warm up on the field.


 Right handed picture, Alex Kinch(18, releases a curve ball to home plate.
The Wayne State Baseball team took the field against Grand Valley State.

To be honest, this was my first time taking photos for in sports. Before to the game, we talked about how to shoot for sports. We were told to bump up the ISO and shutter speed to make sure we can get stopped action.
I got a lot of the players warming up and throwing the ball around. Most of the photos are of the Wayne State baseball players. Not knowing when a big play might happen I held down the camera button and continuous shot on my camera, hoping that I got some great shots and I did.
I am very happy with the photos that I took. I like baseball so this was very fun for me. What i took away from this assignment is that not every picture is going to be a great shot. When you become use to going to sports events and knowing when they are going to make a big play, that's when you shoot.
I would like to do another sports assignment.
Grand Valley State Lakers supporters enjoying the game.

Head coach Ryan Kelley (third from the left) and Assistant Coach John DiLaura (center) breaks down the game plan for today game.

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