Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh captions, my captions.

What I learned form out caption assignment is it’s a two-part process. What I mean by is that taking the photos is step one and writing the caption is step two. It’s just like photojournalism, where the journalism is the caption writing, just like they said in the Storify.
Here are some of the important tips that I learned from Storify about captions; every photos need a caption and the reason being how else are we going to know who is in the picture. If it’s a headshot then we need a name. The first sentence of a caption should be written in the past tense. The second sentence adds the additional information and is also written in the past tense. A captions number one objective is to tell who is in the photo and what’s going on.

              Captions are must for photos. When people look at a newspaper, online article, or blog they look for what the picture has to offer. Keep in mind that captions don’t need to tell the whole story, just the five W’s and the How. The more simplified the captions is the better it sounds. If you follow the steps given, take your time and keep your captions simple, you should be fine.

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